Some of our Services:

We are equipped with all the newest diagnostic computers, tools, and equipment. 

We now service Asian and Domestic cars in house with Jeff's Autotec. Click HERE for details.


Computer DiagnosticS

NO Guesswork. DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 
P0171? P0420? P0440? P0300? P0442? P0446? P0340? P0401?
Computer Diagnostic w/ Ross-Tech VAG VCDS for OBDII Trouble Codes
Official Volkswagen Factory Scan Tool VAS6150B 

Emissions Problems

We do emissions service on modern water-cooled VW/Audi, and Air-cooled VWs
Vacuum Leaks, Oxygen Sensors, Catalytic Converters, Mass Air Flow Sensors, etc

SnapOn Evaporative Emissions Tester. Using Nitrogen gas and inert 'smoke' we check vacuum lines and evap emissions for small leaks. Right we have a 5 Gas Analyzer which reads NOx, CO, CO2 from exhaust for air-cooled emissions

*Please note, to renew registration you need an emissions test from state of Arizona facility. Visit

A/C Service 

In-House A/C repair - All Makes and Models - lightning quick
State of the art A/C recovery, Recycling and Recharging
R12 and R134 systems. 

Timing Belt Service

Timing belt replacement is based on manufacture's guidelines
When the timing belt fails on many engines it causes catastrophic damage
Also notice the broken plastic impeller vs. new metal impeller

Modern VW & Audi Repair 

We have both experience and special VW/Audi Tools for: Jetta, GLI, Golf, GTI, New Beetle, Passat, Toureg, Vanagon, Cabriolet, Corrado, Scirocco, Audi: A4, A6, TT, Quattro Also Mercedes Benz and BMW

Emissions problems and Complete tune-ups, EPC Light on VW, Check engine light, brake light, oil pressure light
Motor Repair and overheating from radiators, coolant temperature sensors, coolant leaks, engine sludge

Electrical problems and alternator, starter, ignition, battery replacement
Transmission service, DSG service & Tiptronic Service and clutch replacement
Brake services including ABS problems, ABS light on, worn pads and rotors, and more

VW Air Cooled Specialists (click here for more info)

Type I, II, III, IV, Bug, Bus, Van, Karmann Ghia, VW Thing, Buggies

Emission problems, Simple adjustments, Valve adjustments, Complete tune-up, Motor repair/rebuild, Transmission/Clutch service, Brake service, Fuel system, Injection & Carburetors, Electrical, Suspension, Axles/Bearings and Complete Restoration.

Volkswagen Restoration 

Air Cooled Restoration. Complete motor rebuilds, suspension and electrical
Attention to Detail. Make your vintage VW look factory new

VW Turbo Diesel / TDI

TDI failed emissions problems and clogged intake can cause serious loss of power
Check your Glow Plugs, Timing Belt, Alternator Belt, Injection Pump, A/C
We do complete emissions service for all VW TDI platforms

Routine Maintenance

Quick services: oil change, fuel filter, air filter, pollen filter and tire rotations
Same great care for your air-cooled VW motor with regular valve adjustments and oil changes
NO pressure for unnecessary flushes and work plus the best products on the market