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"I've had many things done to my car at German Auto Tech. I think their prices are more than fair and they do everything in their power to get your car fixed right away for you. Jeff is a great mechanic, a straight shooter, and a real people person. I recommend Jeff at German Auto Tech to anyone needing repairs or just service like oil changes." - John Goodman Google Review

"Going to this shop for over 15 years. Friendly staff, and job done when promised. Highly recommending to come and check this guys out. Bata and David will alway be there to give you their honest opinion. Shops like this will not be around for too long." - Boris T.

"It was great. I had no problems and everything went well. The price was pretty reasonable and it was good for me too. I called them and then schedule, it was pretty quick." Angie's List

"These folks are fantastic to work with and highly recommended! My wife's 2000 VW Turbo Bettle started having problems, but where we had taken her car for years had a recent turnover in staff. Thanks to the prior recommendations for German Autotec on Angie's List we decided to check them out. They quickly identified the problems, included finding the root cause on other problems, prior repair work misdeeds, and a few other pending problems. The service went flawless, the price exceeded expectations (compared to where we had gone prior), and throughout they communicated clearly and timely. Their focus is clearly on the customer and providing superior results!" Angie's List

"These guys are really good about getting the work done on time if you wait for your car or drop it off.  A lot of places leave you hanging if you don't sit in the waiting room and hassle them all day. I have brought both my Mercedes and one Audi to them. They do great work." - Anthony R.

"Walmart couldn't change the bulb on my Jetta, these guys did it in minutes. Charged me a reasonable amount. Pepboys wanted the car for a full day for a trunk light. Showed me how simple it was too." - John Segura Google Review

"I had Dave work on my Beetle a little while back. He is very knowledge and does great work!" - Revelation Robot Google Review

"Dave asked all the right questions about my issue with my GTI when I called. After a thorough analysis of my car, once it was in the shop, he discovered that it was a different problem that was considerably less expensive. He called me the following week to see how my car was doing, which is the first time I have ever had a mechanic call to follow-up. Very impressed with this shop and will definitely return for future work!" - Gregory Cohen Google Review

"Super kind and courteous" - Andrew Oh Google Review

"I've been going to Dave and Jeff for over 5 years to service my Audi, a Toyota 4Runner, and recently a Ford F250. They consistently provide honest and dependable service for a decent price. I only wish I'd witten a review sooner!" - Austin Colcord Google Review

"I've used these guys twice to service my vw tdi and each time they were fantastic; they have excellent communication and customer service skills and definitely know their products. The second time I got a bonus fix at no cost and even rides (they said they could do this as they were less busy than normal - your mileage may vary) ... I highly recommend them and would go to them again" - Bryan Google Review

"Very trustworthy and honest staff. Friendly and efficient staff. This is not a deal(steal)ership." - Santhosh Kumar Kadali Google Review

"The service is great, they explain you what's the problem, why it needs to be done and how are they going to do it. No hidden fees no bs, just overall a very nice experience . I will be back and I recommend it to everyone." - Ivan Jaksic Google Review

"Dave, the mechanic and his helper did most of the work. He explained the problem and the proposed repair plan and needed parts. he did the work on time at the estimated cost. Very professional. Bata, mechanic, guaranteed the work plus he did a tune up. Very good work. Description of work: AC Service, replaced the motor & transmission mounts, located a leak in the fuel vapor recovery system and a complete brake job." Angie's List

"I took my BMW here about couple of years ago because i could not have it passed at the Emission Test.. Dave and his guy fix it and i never had any problem since then.. They told me straight forward about the problem and they charge me just enough for the job.. I will certainly recommend this place.. I am taking this car again today the ignition key wont turn and it wont turn off the power.. Dave called me that he needs to open everything so he could diagnose the problem. Hoping that everything is going to be fine." - Ger Google Review

"This isn't a regular dealer or repair shop. I just bought an '07 Rabbit and brought it in to get a once-over. The guys gave me a print-out of the couple of ECU codes and explained them to me. They also lifted the car up to show me the one small oil leak it had. I really appreciated going to a mechanic that will actually show me what he found and treats me like an intelligent person. I definitely recommend this place and will be bringing my car back for all its future maintenance." - Jason Nevins Google Review

"I have owned 8 VWs over the last 20 years and did all the work myself on each of them. When I had an issue with a coolant leak in my 2004 Passat I took it to a local automotive repair franchise. They told me it was a bad coolant reservoir cap, charge me $100 and sent me on my way. I was skeptical as the leak did not seem to be originating in the same area. Sure enough, the leak continued. I started to dismantle the engine compartment to get to the part behind the problem and had neither the time or knowledge to fix it. After reading the glowing reviews for German Autotec, I gave them a call and was told the job would take about two hours or possibly more if my blundering under the hood (not verbatim) required additional work. I gained considerable confidence in their experience during our phone conversation as they knew the cause and remedy to my car's issue. They also recommended a towing company to get the vehicle to their shop; the fees for which they could add to my repair bill. I used their recommended towing company and had them repair the vehicle. The final bill reflected very reasonable labor and parts fees and I had the car back within a couple days. I would happily recommend German Autotec to anybody." - Jason Mustonen Google Review

"I've been bringing my car here for a long time. These guys definitely know what they're doing. Not worth the hassle of going anywhere else even when its cheaper, rather just get it done and know its done right. Talk to Jeff and you won't go wrong." - Nebojsa Grubac Google Review

"I brought my car in for a pre-purchase inspection and Alex found a few problems that the seller didn't disclose. German Autotec didn't charge me for the inspection and after finishing the sale I had about $500 in repairs done. I was able to negotiate that money off of the purchase price so it worked out well! These guys know what they're doing and I've been back for some small items since with no problems." - Kala Clark Google Review

"German Autotec is a great VW shop. I trust their competence and integrity absolutely. When I bring my Westfalia in, Dave lets me know what's wrong, what needs to be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. And his estimates are Always complete and reliable. On a road trip in 2009 both front windows went out; the driver's side full open and wouldn't close. Dave helped us get a rental car at a great discount, and after the long July 4th weekend got them fixed at the cost he'd estimated. I live here now. The air conditioning had never worked properly since we'd had the van, and since we'd had a really good experience four years ago (the windows still work perfectly), I took it to German Autotec. The AC had been messed up by a prior owner who had made a bad attempt at converting it to a new coolant. Dave rebuilt the unit completely, but found a microscopic crack in the condenser, so after going over the problems, the cure,and the costs, he replaced the condenser as well as rebuilding the whole thing. Yes, this was a costly procedure but Dave clearly and accurately told me what the problems were as they occured, and accurately estimated their costs. He found a used condenser, better than the original and at half the cost. The work was done as described and Dave followed up the job by checking and rechecking the coolant for leaks and the general operation of the whole unit. Just getting to the AC required taking out and putting back a lot of the Westfalia cabinetry. This was done perfectly with no damage at all. I can't recommend German Autotec highly enough. I give them a ten out of ten." - William Wallace Google Review

"We contacted Dave about our older Bug we bought, required his TLC and if he had time to check it out for us. We had our car back in about a week running like a top.  Yes it is old and we will have to have work done once in awhile but Dave and his partner are the old fashion kind of mechanics.  This shop runs on customer service and what a great job they do. They keep you informed as to what they find when going through to fix things.  Their mechanics' quotes are spot on. Of course if he finds things that are wrong that he could not see until he got into it , he calls you and lets you know and the approx. time and money it will take to fix it.  We will never take our VW Bug to any other mechanic unless Dave and his partner retire and close this shop.  What a great business we have found locally here in Arizona, we would call it a diamond, we love this shop and the people that run it. You can trust the work that they do and that is a great feeling." - Gene and Edith Berry 06/01/2013 Submitted by email

"Dependable, Honest VW Maintenance and Repair. I've used them since 2009 and have nothing but good things to say. Trust Dave completely with my '91 Westfalia." William Ladson Wallace 04/11/2013 Facebook

"I have been bringing both my '65 & '02 VW's here for 5 years now, and have never been steered wrong. Dave not only tells you what exactly is wrong with the car, but goes so far as to describe the effects to you, details every part, and the bills are always spot-on when I get there. It's nearly impossible to find consistently honest mechanics these days, so I am always glad to recommend this shop to anyone with a German car." - R.C Minton 2/01/2013 Google Review

"This is being written a year late but I want to write it anyway. I had a new muffle system installed (at another shop) that needed repair about six times over a 2 year period. The sixth time was at German Autotec - it is now a year later and no problems. It was also repaired at what I thought was a very reasonable price. I highly recomend this shop. Shop Rating: Excellent" - Gerald Nelson 12/21/11

"The staff at German Autotec is amazing. I dropped my Passat off for some major repairs. The guys were open honest and took the time to throughly inspect my car. They did a full estimat and contacted me to go over every detail. They treated me with respect and did not recommend any unnecessary repairs. I would trust them with any VW they definitely know their cars!!" - Beccabee 10/01/11 Google Review

"Thank you so much for your help and patience with me as I was freaking out a week before my move! Yall rock, and I will recommend you to any of my vw friends!" - Amanda 08/16/11 Facebook

"I had my A/C repaired at German Autotec. A hose was broken and these guys refurbished the hose by welding in a new end connector. With fix, diagnostic and recharging the freon, I was pretty happy. I'll be back for some more repairs soon enough, but I recommend them for any A/C hose fix because they do it at the shop and you don't have to wait for new parts to arrive, which are way more money." - Rbbmstry 06/23/11 AutoMD

"Great Guys and Great Prices. I called up a few places for quotes on my VW Golf, got a good vibe from German Autotec, checked out their website, and decided to stop in. The work was done well, but what really gets my attention is the way the shop techs talk and interact with their customers. I don't like a run-around or a long list I can't even understand from the VW dealers. I need a good explanation of my problem, an accurate estimate and a real fix. I sat in their lobby (it is kind of an old raty building, probably like 50 years old but I don't go to auto shops to admire the artwork) but anyway, I was there for about an hour while they changed out a coolant hose, battery, and some vacuum hoses. I like the way they do business, it's a small shop owned by Bata and Dave, and they actually do most of the work themselves and are really friendly to everyone (3-4 people I saw). Try them out, they work on other cars too from what I have seen, but they definitely know their VW's and the shop is full of them." - Robdeal 06/22/11

"When I first moved to the Phoenix area in 2007, I had a 2000 VW Jetta with 100kmi on it.  I took it to German Autotec for everything.  They are just fantastic there.  They are honest and never try to sell a part or service that you don't need.  Just recently I took my 2006 Passat to the dealership for routine maintenance.  They said I needed new brakes and it would cost $320+!  I took it to German Autotec and they said we didn't even need anything.  The brakes were in great shape.  They didn't even charge anything for the checkup.  They are awesome and I will always go there for anything that isn't warranty related." - Ember P. 06/20/11

"Great shop to work with. I was very happy to find an independent shop that actually had the right tools for the job. Had a timing belt done with no problems, heading back for some more stuff on on my girls Golf later next week." - Brian T. 05/21/11 Google Review

"German Autotec is the best place in the valley for your European vehicle. I brought in a 2002 C320 for a new timing chain and they handled it superbly with an honest diagnostic and price to match! Their mechanics have decades of experience, know their cars inside and out and provide you with something rare in this industry - integrity. If you have a VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, look for the yellow sign with the VW Bug on Main, you won't be disappointed!" - Richard 06/09/11 Google Review

"Basically these guys are just really knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I came in with a check engine light on and they showed me the steps of diagnosis with their Computer, then gave me an estimate, no extra work, no confusion. The dealer quoted me nearly 65% more for the same job, and recommended a bunch of extra work German Autotec told me I didn't need for months! Check them out for great prices on VW work!" - Joseph M. 02/25/08

"I am a customer of German Autotec for more than 20 years, and have only excellent experience with all repair work. I already have fourth car that I am having serviced at GAT and thank you guys for all your help." - Fred 11/02/09

"I have dealt with this company nearly 20 years. I have never had a problem with any of my vehicles after their mechanics have worked on them. The techs are right upfront with the problem with the vehicle and the cost of repair. I appreciate their honesty and integrity." - Mrs. by Moon 11/13/09

“I've been to German Autotec 4 times, 3 repairs total. My experience was pretty good, and I left saving some cash. I shopped around at some other VW shops and found German Autotec to be pretty good on the price. However, the service was a lot better than anything I have found in the Valley. First, Bata and Dave talked to me for about 30 minutes explaining the problems (cooling and emissions - 02 Jetta 1.8T) which was free and included in the initial free estimate. So far, this is the only shop I found willing to do a scan and provide info and details while I wait at no cost. I paid one hour labor at other shops for the scan, so that alone took off $80 off the bill. I would suggest stopping in there first, because you can't go wrong with a free check even as a second opinion.” – James W. 10/28/09

"There are certainly a crapload of mechanics in the valley, but from my experience, German Autotec is the best. I have a VW Golf that's needed a fair bit of work over the years, and every time I've brought it to them, they had it fixed on the first try, for exactly the quoted amount. Never had an issue resurge, either. This is actually in contrast to a lot of other auto places in the valley. Before I started going to German Autotec, I'd take my Golf to a big-franchise mechanic (the nearby Midas). Midas would regularly quote me one thing (based on their cheapo generic parts and so forth), then start working on and call back with a new quote (either because they'd been wrong about the cause of the problem or because their cheap generic parts rarely fit VWs for some reason). In one case, the new quote was three times the amount of the old one ($300 rather than $100). After that last markup by Midas, I started taking my car to German Autotec. Every subsequent problem on the car's been fixed in one go, when and for how much they said it would be. There have been some crazy weird issues, too: car stalling due to a cracked ignition coil, not starting (but only when warm!) due to a gunked-up fuel pump, the electrical system going bonkers due to the actual ignition lock, and all sorts of more mundane things as well. Every single one was handled perfectly, honestly, and with no surprises. The one time since I started going to German Autotec that I went somewhere else was due to a time constraint: they were super-busy and I needed something fixed that day, before I wanted to leave for a road trip. I took it to a friend's mechanic (who is by all rights also a good mechanic, and very well rated on Yelp as well) because that mechanic said he had time. He did have time, but the part he ordered didn't fit and he wasn't able to get the right part before the end of the day. I ended up having to delay my road trip, and pay more for the part mixup. This sort of thing has never happened at German Autotec. So while there are other good (and well-rated) mechanics in the valley, none know German cars as good as these guys. I think you'll be very happy taking your car here." - Z.S. 02/08/10

"We had a truly great experience with German Autotec and highly recommend them. We were new to town from Wisconsin and instead of scamming us like our previous mechanics, Bata and Dave were friendly, extremely knowledgable and seemed genuinely concerned with getting our car in the best working order. They were helpful in explaining our problems and seemed to keep our budget in mind, which was much appreciated. We are happy to have found them and will trust them with our car needs in the future. 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 Turbo." - Vanessa and Tyler 08/09/09

“I purchased a 1999 Audi off Craig's List knowing it needed some service. I wanted it checked by a mechanic before buying it so he told me he would take it to German Auto Tech which I had heard good things about. I got a call from a mechanic saying the car needed a few things but nothing major so I made the purchase only to find out the mechanic wasn't from German Auto Tech and only told me part of the story. Fortunately I had the repairs done at German Auto Tech and they were able to repair all the major troubles and helped me out a lot by doing much of the labor for free to help with the costly repairs. Plus did a rush because of the holidays. Both Dave and Batha were awesome and provided quality, honest work. My car runs great and they even offered to do a recheck before I set out on a long road trip across the county. I would highly recommend this shop.” - Debra McGhan 12/29/09

“In a sentence, finding German Autotec has been a true blessing. If it were not for GAT I would have bailed on my 323ci a long time ago. I love the car, but it's been problematic, and I felt it was too risky getting scammed owning a car and knowing nothing about them; especially with all the repairs it's needed. I've had it for about 7 years, and it has about 180k miles on it now, so it's been around the block, and needed its share of work. But I've kept my car, and I am very pleased to be able to. Whenever I run into trouble, I know I can call, talk about what's going on, and it'll be fixed, fixed well, and knowing what is broken is what is fixed. I know if something can be fixed by doing some tiny fix, that's what is done. Not replacing a whole slew of items. I'm talking about a little grease here, or resetting this or that, and it's fixed. In 5 minutes at times. I'm so thankful to have found them when I did because I was just about to bail on it. It's great to know that they're there to help me with my car, and take myself and my finances into account whenever work is done. They truly are there, not just to fix the problem, in and out, but to help me with my car, and teach and explain, and I love it. I couldn't think of a better business practice. Bata, Dave, and everyone I have met there, are all very friendly kind-hearted people. Even others who work there that I don't talk to very often will wave and smile when I come in, because they remember me, and say hello. It's nice. Definitely a change from what I had known previously. ... Bottom line, I've had lots of work done with them, and have always been pleased with their work; and especially how they've treated me. I'm very grateful my friend recommended German Autotec to me, and I've recommended GAT to a number of others, who have all been very pleased with their work and friendliness as well.” – Anonymous 07/24/09

“Over the last ten years, I've owned three different VW's. As all VW owners know, they need their fair share of repairs. I've been to over a dozen shops here in the valley. Some were better than others. Unfortunately, I could never find one that offered the whole package. They were either nice and had no clue what they were doing, or they had awful customer service but were descent at the repairs. I always tried to keep in mind that we're all human and even the mechanics can have a bad day here and there. Recently, I moved into the apartments near ASU. I needed to find a shop that was closer and more convenient for me. A friend of mine suggested I look on this site for reviews of shops. Even though German Autotec's last review was negative, all the others were great so I decided to give them a shot. Looking back on it, I'm thrilled I did. From the second I walked in the door and explained my problem, I was greeted with friendly customer service and they put my mind at ease. They were able to fix my car within a very reasonable amount of time and for a great price too. I've had the same problem in previous cars and was charged a lot more so I was expecting a bigger bill. I was happy to find a more than acceptable charge. That's why I went back to German Autotec when I had a different problem. It's simple. Give these guys a chance like I did and you won't regret it. To my friend who recommended this site, thanks a million. Shop Rating: Excellent” Nicholas M. 09/03/08

"I just picked up my car from German Autotec, super happy with the service. Dave went above and beyond my expectations fixing my Jetta. Planning to bring my bug in one day when I have the cash. Give them a call, way cheaper than dealer, and great service." - Josh M 10/15/08

"I brought my 2001 Audi A6 to German Autotec to discuss timing belt replacement. Bata sat down with me for almost an hour explaining everything from what a timing belt is, why I need to get it fixed and how they fix it. He was the first person at any shop to actually help me understand what was going on with my car and not just try to sell me something. Their prices are fair and they finished replacing my timing belt 3 days ahead of schedule. I highly recommend German Autotec and will be bringing my Audi there from now on!" - Jazmine Duke 07/09/08

“Excellent! This is our fourth time taking our 2001 VW Passat to German Autotec [ Bata and Dave ] . They are very knowledgeable and honest. Recently our Passat was having trouble passing emissions and they fixed the problem at a minimal cost, a fraction of the cost of what a VW dealership in Mesa would have charged us. If you are looking for a honest and friendly repair shop, you have found it at German Autotec! They will go above and beyond to make you happy and get your vehicle back to you in no time! Thank you Bata and Dave” - Angela K. & Dennis J. 06/22/08

“I meet Dave and Bata 21 years ago when I needed service on my 86 BMW 528. Since then they have serviced my Mercedes and BMW's. Just recently they we very involved with the restoration of a 1980 450 SL which turned out perfect. I can recommend these guys for honest and fair dealing. Not to mention years of expeirence with German cars of all makes.” - Don George 05/24/2008

“I arrived in Arizona in 1991. I did not have much money, but my VW Golf was falling apart. My roommate recommended German Autotech, and I have never looked for another mechanic since 1991. I have gone through 13 cars from 1991- 2008. They have worked on every single car that I have owned in Arizona and will continue to do so as long as Dave and Bata own the shop. If you bring your car in for repairs and they find that you don't need a repair, they will contact you and let you know. What other shop can you count on to be honest enough to tell you you don't need to repair something at this time. They are not my mechanics anymore, they are family friends now. I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Dave Cruz” 05/21/08

“I stopped for the ‘free check engine light diagnoses’ after seeing their website. I didn’t wait more than a couple minutes before my car was hooked up to a computer. They found 4 codes and showed them to me, to my surprise they basically cleared the codes and told me to come back when the light turned back on. A few days later, the light did come back on and I stopped by with only one code that actually needed to be fixed for a very decent price. I really felt comfortable with these guys because I could stand and watch the work and ask questions and most importantly I knew they weren’t selling me work I didn’t need. I’m glad to meet a mechanic with a more personal feel, someone who doesn’t mind talking to ‘clueless’ customers (like myself) for a few minutes! Recommended!” – JJM 02/25/08

“I'm a student at ASU. I read these reviews here and decided on German Autotec for my '02 Jetta 1.9T since the shop is near the Campus. My parent's live back east and Bata worked with my parents and I to get the job done affordably. Since I don't know too much about car's my dad took an active role in talking to Bata - who was more than happy to spend time on the phone with him. In the end, they fixed the car right for the exact amount of the estimate they gave my parents. My parent's paid with credit card over the phone (it'll take me a bit to pay that back). My dad was happy to get an invoice over fax , and liked the personal aspect of the shop compared to some other shops near German autotec which didn't want to spend over 2 minutes on the phone with him and gave us bad service. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Also, I don't want to leave Dave out, he gave me some advice last time I called with some general questions, nice guy (very patient with me haha). - Andrew Dodley 11/15/07

“I went to German Autotec based on my friend's recommendations. I was VERY surprised to hear a phone call from Bata about two hours after I had left the shop. I had okay'd about $2100 worth of work , signed the work order and left. Bata tells me he made a couple calls and found a major problem on my car was still under warranty! I was very excited to hear that my new bill would be less than $300 from German Autotec and the rest covered by the dealer. Really honest guys at that shop, I now see why my friend has been taking his cars there for over a decade. I'm glad to see the other reviews on here are just as positive.” – Ryan Rothe 10/01/07

“Bata was very friendly and helpful when I came into the shop. I had some work done on the brakes and A/C in preparation for summer and I am truly satisfied with their work and customer service. I recommend these guys to anyone with a VW.” – Heather Report Date: 03/17/07

“They were the only shop I found willing to scan my check my engine light codes for free. They did it while I watched and showed me all the codes and gave suggestions on possible repairs without being overly pushy. I came back later and they fixed my 02 Jetta for a reasonable price and were just really friendly. I recommended them to a few friends who also have had great service as well.”-  Howard Scallin  08/30/06

“Dave R&R'ed the A/C on my 1990 Syncro Westy Vanagon. Having great A/C in the 'Valley of the Sun' is truly important. Also, having someone that knows the ins and outs of a Vanagon is also important. Complete overhaul of the R-12 system on this van has it running ice cold again. Very thorough as well as meticulous (it's a bear to pull the cabinetry on a westy to get to the expansion valves etc and clean out the system) Also, no damage to the camper's interior whatsoever. Highly recommended for A/C work especially, he knows what he's doing!” Tim Schneider 07/07/06